"Murphy Bed" is a GENERIC name!

A very brief history of the term "Murphy Bed"

The term Murphy Bed originated after Mr. William Murphy of San Francisco, California invented the concept in the early 1900's. (Murphy Bed History)

For many years the term "Murphy Bed" enjoyed trademark protection. No one else could legally use the term "Murphy Bed" for commercial purposes. Then, in the late 1980's that protection was challenged in court. In 1989 an appellate court held that the term "Murphy Bed" is no longer entitled to trademark cover because a substantial majority of the public perceive the term as a generic term for a bed that folds into a wall, rather than the specific model made by the Murphy Bed Co.

Murphy Beds of Florida is an independent manufacturer located in Florida.

There are a lot of companies that use the term "Murphy Bed" in their company name. Some are franchise operations. Most are not. We are NOT affiliated with any other Murphy Bed company. We selected our business name to reflect what we make and sell and where we operate. Simply stated, we make and sell Murphy Beds and we are located in Florida.

Not all Murphy Bed companies use real wood. We do!

Murphy Beds of Florida uses only furniture grade hardwood plywoods and solid woods in our Murphy Beds and cabinetry. A number of other companies use particle-board with a melamine coating. Essentially the melamine product uses pictures of wood printed on paper sheets that is then attached to particle-board. Some companies even call this "furniture grade melamine." Particleboard does have a fair amount of vertical strength. But it can damage and chip easily with no satisfactory way to repair it. If particleboard gets wet it will swell and lose its strength. We simply will not use this material in our products.

We do not use old-fashioned springs.

The original Murphy Bed back in the early 1900's used a spring mechanism. Some other companies still use this method. We use a patented, state-of-the-art, easy to open and close, quiet piston system. They have a life-time guarantee. This is the same system that is in use in many major hotels today.

We have our own Murphy Bed designs.

Just as there are many different brands and models of automobiles, there are may different brands and models of Murphy Beds available on the market today. We offer Murphy Beds in four basic sizes: twin, full, queen, and king. We have a vertical and horizontal model. We also offer our StudyBED™ in twin, full, and queen sizes. We offer what we have found to be the most popular styles by listening to our clients. We have traditional and contemporary styles. We can also customize your Murphy Bed to fit into your home.

We do not drill into your floor.

We do not cut your carpet. We do not drill into your floor. We do not cut your baseboard. We actually notch the back of our cabinets to fit around your baseboard. We will attach our Murphy Bed at the top to the studs inside your well so the bed does not tip over when opened. What does that mean to you? Well, if you ever want to move your Murphy Bed, you will discover that we did not destroy your floor or your baseboard. A little bit of spackle and paint for the small screw-holes on the wall and you are done.

We are not a mail-order company.

We offer personal service. This includes a personal visit to your home before you place your order to measure, show you wood color samples, and discuss your personal needs. After placing your order, we custom-manufacture your furniture to meet your requirements. Then, we deliver and install your Murphy Bed and cabinetry for you. All you need to do is provide the mattress. We will put that in place as well. There is no need to worry about freight trucks and delivery. No need to carry and open large boxes of parts and figure out how to assemble everything. No need to dispose of lots of packing material. We do all of that for you. Essentially, you tell us what you want, where you want it, and we do the rest. What could be easier?