U.L. Approved Lighting     UL_Approved

Enhance your new Murphy Bed with reading lights. Also, your guests will not have to fumble in the dark when getting in and out of bed at night. Imagine waking up in "not my own room" and trying to remember how to get to the light switch?

Lighting makes reading in bed easier     Reading Lights

Our two light system contains two crisp halogen recessed lights that make reading a pleasure. The lights come with a touch-pad dimmer switch to turn lights on Low, Medium, High, or Off. When closing the bed, a Safety Switch ensures that the lights turn off just in case you forget to do so.

Lighting makes reading in bed easier     Reading Lights

An optional second touch-pad can be installed so each light can be controlled individually.

Reading Lights     Lighting makes reading in bed easier

With a Two Control system, each light has its own control conveniently mounted on the headboard just above the pillows.

When ordering, simply select "2 Lights, One Control" or "2 Lights, Two Contols." The touch-plate for "One Control" is located at the center of the headboard.


A close-up view of a single touch-plate.

By simpling touching the silver plate, one can adjust the lights from Low to Medium to High and back to Off.

Our lighting systems are U.L. Approved and simply plug into a regular wall outlet. There is no need to hire an electrician. Our professional installation crew will handle the task during the installation of your MurphyBED.