Delivery & Assembly

Serving the mainland of Florida, southern and eastern Georgia, and beyond
from our Nassau County, FL manufacturing facility.

Standard Delivery and Assembly are INCLUDED in our pricing.

Standard Professional Assembly: Standard assembly will leave your existing baseboard and flooring intact. The back of the bed and cabinetry will be notched to accomodate the room's baseboard. We measure the baseboard height at the time of order. (If you are planning on changing the baseboard, please let us know.) By installing the cabinets in this manner, the bed will be fully supported on the floor and it will not damage the baseboard in case you ever want to move your murphy bed to a new location. The cabinetry is NOT attached to the floor, thus avoiding damage to the flooring and/or carpeting. Typically there will be three to four screws mounted into the studs above the bed to keep the bed cabinet from tipping. If the murphy bed is removed, the wall repairs consist of a simple drywall patch and touch-up paint.

Standard Delivery: Standard Delivery is within our Regular Service Area*. Standard delivery includes up to two flights of stairs. Or, if an elevator is available, all of the cabinetry fits into the elevator cab. Usually this is fine. Occasionally we find a very small elevator that requires us to use an alternative method of delivery. Standard delivery also means that our delivery vehicle can unload relatively close to your building, and without incurring extra parking fees.

During our initial design consultation visit, we will discuss any possible issues with you. For example, many condos require that only certain entrances and elevators are to be used for deliveries. Advance notice, by the owner, may be required by the building manager so elevator walls are properly padded. Also, there may be restrictions on working hours and work days. We need to know the rules so we do not accidentally violate them. This is your home and we will treat it with respect.

* Regular Service Area:
We are strategically located to serve Florida and SE Georgia. The map below approximates our usual delivery areas. We may travel further for an additional charge. Contact us for more information if you are outside the map below.

Servicing Florida and SE Georgia