Compare the 'Create-A-Bed' Mechanism
to any other bed mechanism:

The Create-A-Bed® Murphy Bed mechanism: Other murphy bed mechanisms:
Features a state-of-the-art piston lift mechanism with FEW MOVING PARTS. Patented system is preferred for use in Hyatts, Hiltons, studio apartments and homes nationwide Rely on bulky, outdated spring mechanisms consisting of many complicated moving parts - other designs aren't meant for daily use and won't lift standard bedding
NO FLOOR MOUNTING - attaches to wall with three screws Most MUST BE FLOOR MOUNTED - carpet must be cut away and floor is permanently damaged
Mechanism is COMPLETELY CONTAINED WITHIN THE CABINET. Metal frame, springs and cabinetry are shipped separately. Mechanism must be bolted to the floor, then cabinetry must be assembled and shimmed into position around the mechanism.
Panel bed design eliminates bi-fold doors Some mechanisms require bi-fold doors that block access to storage cabinetry
Installs in minutes Requires 4 to 5 hours of complicated and expensive assembly and installation
Piston lift mechanism is COUNTER-BALANCED and designed for daily use. Piston functions so that "it doesn't know it's working" and is not subject to metal fatigue or catastrophic failure Springs expand and contract and fatigue with age, causing bed to sag out of cabinet. Springs are expensive and difficult to replace. If spring breaks, catastrophic failure results

Patented mechanism can easily be adjusted for different weight mattresses with a simple socket wrench. So,if you ever change mattresses, any adjustment is quick and simple.

Require constant adjustment. Adjusting for different weight mattresses requires adding or removing springs. (Hope you didn't lose the extra springs!)
Uses ANY standard innerspring mattress Require expensive private-label bedding, foam mattress or substandard bedding
Easily moved without permanent floor damage or holes in carpet Floor mounting and complicated mechanism means unit cannot be moved easily


6+ Reasons we surpass our competition

DELIVERY, ASSEMBLY & INSTALLATION INCLUDED in our pricing: We don't deliver a box with lots of pieces that you have to put together. We will professionally install your system. You tell us where you want it. We put it there. It is that simple. Because we pre-assemble most of the cabinetry in our factory, we are usually in and out of your home in about an hour or so. That is all included in our price. Be sure to get the total cost when comparing.

LOCALLY MADE: Buy Factory Direct and Save! Each Murphy wall bed is custom built to your specifications in our manufacturing facility here in NE Florida. There is no middleman to mark up the price.

REAL WOOD: We do NOT use particleboard, melamine, OSB, or construction grade materials. We ONLY use furniture grade hardwoods and plywoods. (Yes, we know that melamine can look pretty when new. But, scratch or chip it and the particle board underneath shows through with no way to repair it. The only real option is replacing the entire section. Real wood is stronger, is pretty hard to damage, and can be repaired if necessary. Real wood furniture has been around for thousands of years. Ever hear of antique melamine furniture? No? There is a reason. It doesn't last that long.)

STANDARD MATTRESSES: No thin, folding mattresses like a sleeper-sofa. No air mattresses. Mattresses up to 12" thick will fit in our standard bed cabinet. Some of our competition only allows a 9" mattress before an upgrade charge for an 11" mattress. If you need to replace your mattress in the future, our standard bed cabinet will be able to handle it.

OUR SIDE CABINETS HAVE BACKS: Take a look at the photos of our competition. Notice the painted walls behind the bookshelves. These cabinets do not have backs. Backs strengthen the cabinets. They may cost less because you get less. Oh, and have fun when it comes time to repaint the room with all of those shelf openings.

NO SPRINGS: We use a modern, quiet piston system that makes opening and closing your Murphy Bed virtually effortless. There are no springs that require periodic adjustment. There are no springs to squeak. There are no springs that could potentially break leaving your bed useless. And, if you ever change mattresses, our patented mechanism allows for quick and simple adjustment if needed. A simple socket wrench is all that is necessary. No need to keep extra springs on hand just in case you need to use them in the future only to lose them over the years and render your bed useless.